Spare Parts Sales 

Reliable supplier  (Genuine Spare Partsonly)

GEM CORPORATION Inc. has been appointed as the Authorized Spare Parts distributor under following World's leading Manufactures.



  • Boll & Kirch Filter (Strainer, Gasket, O-rings, Candle Filter, Press Switch, etc)
  • IMO Screw Pump (Mechanical shaft seal, Minot repauri kit, O-rings, Gasket, etc)
  • STARLINE Ball valve & Pneumatic actuators (Air Torque)
  • Electrical timer, relay, transformer, etc.


Schaller Automation pte. Ltd
  • VISATRON complete
  • Measuring Head (New & factory reconditioned), Valve box, Connection box,
  • Service box, Spare parts kit, Filters, All consumable spare parts, Gaskets, Bellows, etc.
  • U-tube manometer, Test Plate kit, Fuse,  Remote indicator, etc.  


  • Joint kit, Minot repair kit, Mechanical shaft seal, Ball bearing, O-rings
  • Coupling rubber ring,
  • Electric Motor,
  • Seal guard
  • Modification / Up grade for Magnetic coupling


DENO Compressors BV 
  • Minor repair kit, Consumable parts, Electric motor, etc

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Substitute machinery & equipment for the retrofit project

GEM CORPORATION Inc. will offer most high quality and reliable goods for your retrofit project including fully engineering supports. (selection, technical assistance, etc.)


Oil Mist Detector

F.O. Feeder Booster, Blender,  Heater, Steam Control valve, etc. 

Any type & kind of Pumps (Screw, Gear, Centrifugal, etc.)

Air Compressor, Nitrogen Generator, etc.


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